And you thought Zee Reads was bad.

For the most part, my move was amazingly easy. For me, that is. My brother’s came down with my son to load and drive, to discover I had hired 2 guys through Uhaul to help load.

People – honest. If you move and move yourself, do Uhaul. The sooner your make your reservation, the cheaper. I rented a 26 foot truck for 270.00 and that included insurance. I hired 2 guys through Uhaul for 120.00 for 2 hours to load.

With my brothers, they loaded my truck in just under 90 minutes. They packed it tight, they packed it great, nothing was moving, nothing broke, nothing chipped. They were SO careful with all of my junk.

The church I have been attending sent 4 men and a wife to help me unload. They brought 4 hand trucks. We were unloaded in one hour. I was sent to stand in the living room and direct. That’s what I was told to do. All of my furniture is pretty much in place. A few things will have to be moved around – but otherwise… we started at 9 AM and we finished around 2-ish. And that included a lunch break and the little over an hour drive from point A to point B. My bed and Spawn’s bed are set up. I slept in MY bed last night. I forgot how firm it is and how far up off the ground it is.

Today’s Room of Interest

The Living Room.

Remember this???


Well, now it looks like this!


SSPX02691 (1)


Originally, the plan was only furniture would come in the house and all boxes would go in the garage, where I will spend the next 3 months shifting and painting and tossing and sending to Goodwill or the Salvation Army and hanging and putting in their proper place.

I’m happy to say 95% of the boxes went INTO the garage, but as you can see, some things made it into the house that shouldn’t have. (this is most obvious in the family room, better known as my cave. But that will be a later pictorial.)

So I”m starting with the living room. There are several obvious problems from the get go.

  1. The piano needs desperately to moved down the wall another foot. When I put the bench in place, there will be no getting around it to get into the living area proper. I can’t move it by myself and it’s missing a wheel. Also it’s on carpet now so moving ANY piece of furniture by myself is going to be extremely difficult. Also I’d like to move the couch away from the wall, but while the piano is there, I can’t.
  2. I’m very worried about the piano. It sounds horribly tinnie, as if something is broke inside. There are keys sticking. The soundboard is mahogany and expands and contracts. I’m going to have to wait a month for it to settle and then I will begin a series of expensive tunings. I’m praying the soundboard isn’t broken or cracked. If it is, it’s kindling or a nice conversation piece. The outside is in bad shape. Mold. I’ve got Murphy’s wood soap and oil and I pray that fixes the majority of it. I’m very attached to this little piano. It was my 11th birthday gift and It’s traveled everywhere and has weathered some seriously nasty habitats. It would break my heart if this 5 year stint in the storage unit did it in.
  3. The room is very dark. I thought lamps would brighten it up, but no. And I don’t have curtains up yet, sooooo…. imagine that.
  4. My big comfy chair and ottoman take up much more room than I expected. Much more room.
  5. My couch. Behold, the most comfortable couch in the world!

SSPX02711 (1)A six foot three inch man would have plenty of room on this couch to stretch out and read. Believe me. Right now, it’s missing a pillow and I’ll find it, however the entire things needs cleaned. Badly. There is a little tear in one of the seat cushions. I keep forgetting I bought it in 1998 – the interfacing under the skirt has disintegrated and the skirt in the middle needs reattached. Of course, this is nothing a hammer and nails won’t fix and I have those… somewhere. Thing is as I said, the entire things needs cleaning. Those pillows need washed and one of the back cushions needs to go into a washing machine somewhere and soaked in a vinegar solution. It stinketh. (The culprit is a cat I no longer have. She found a new home before we left the lower part of the coast 5 years ago.) Luckily it is the only piece on the couch that must be done like that, but… finding a washing machine big enough is going to be difficult. I might end up taking it home with me over Christmas to the laundry mat there. They have big BIG washers. No, it doesn’t zip off.  😦 I need to find either my pet lint roller or dig out my vacuum cleaner with the attachments. The back of the couch is nada but white hair. It has crossed my mind that I might want to put the couch against the outside wall and that might end up happening. but I really wanted the feeling of cozier, intimate space.

Really, the work in this room is less than any of the others, which is why I’m starting in it.

I would like to go knit today. I need some relaxation, but I’m not sure it will happen. I’m also making a shopping list for a few items. Vinegar – not only for the laundry and cleaning, but also to put in itty bitty pie tins to put around the house. Best deodorizer in the world and right this minute, the house is mustier and smells like a storage unit. Nails. Curtain hooks. I REALLY need my air purifier.

I will be purchasing a burn barrel with the next pay check. I’d rather not deal with a trash collector at all and what can’t be burned can be disposed elsewhere in other ways.

Friday – my birthday – was a really awful day. Drama I wasn’t expecting and didn’t need, bogged me down for the better part of the day. It drained me. I discovered yesterday that I have friends whom I’ve never met love me beyond distraction and I don’t understand that. I started my move exhausted and it’s caught up to me. I’d like to take another day off on Monday, however I have 2 concerts coming up Wednesday and Thursday that I’m taking kids to. My boombox isn’t working and that’s not really bothering me as I pulled it out of the dumpster in 1999. If the tape deck isn’t working, I’ll toss it. I just might splurge on new speakers for the laptop and buy one of those neat retro-record player/CD/Tapedeck/radios I’ve seen at Target.

And count down the 2 weeks until I have 2 weeks off.