I became a mom. It was absolutely (and still is) the best day of my life.


He is here with me – we head to the family abode tomorrow – and I have enjoyed and appreciated his company these last few days. Empty nest sucks and I’m glad he was the level head I needed when the weekend got bad. Christmas can NOT come soon enough when he gets here permanently. He’s going to a local tech school for the next semester and is looking into transferring to a really nice 4 year college down the road by September. He should have a car by then and that will make it easier.

Obviously, I have cable now. Cable guy came out and tells me I took out the cable line, along with the telephone and when the house is fixed, they MIGHT have to come out and reattach.

He then goes into the attic and says – you’re already putting stuff in the attic?


There’s a BIG tree up here and a lot of other stuff…

Zee must now buy a LADDER and go into the attic and see what treasures I now own. Everything will have to come down and go into the garage where I can deal. If I don’t have to buy a tree, I won’t. That would be a godsend.

Claims adjuster came out – said damage is really minimal. No more than 800.00. Thing is, he’s not my insurance company’s claim adjuster. And my insurance company won’t honor someone else… has to be theirs. I’ll be contacting them AND the landlord over this.