Taking ONE night in a cheap motel room.

The inflatable air mattress is excessively uncomfortable. I’m falling off all ends of it. There is a slow leak – last night, I woke up at 4 AM and as it’s a plug in, I reached over the edge and turned in on for about a minute to reinflate it back up, which woke me waaaaay up.

Getting the utilities turned over into my name is proving to be a pain. They want deposits – no problem, but they want me to show up in person. They all close at 4:30. I get off after 4. I missed the water company by 3 minutes, yesterday.

BOTH wrists are now killing me. I’m pretty sure the left wrist is due to the amount of knitting I’m doing right now (I’m trying to finish up a beanie for my brother) and the fact I have a death grip on my left needle.

the right wrist however got banged badly on Tuesday when two of my older students got in an altercation. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I got home and was changing into PJs. I have mirrored closet doors and it was shocking to see my right side as one continuous bruise.

I have the router and modem for my internet, but I’ve been too pooped to hook it up. Spawn is coming on Friday so perhaps he’ll do it over the weekend. We are getting a 10 foot truck this weekend to move boxes and 2 bookcases.


I Desperately need Guy Day. So have some Guy.


Okay, that’s not Guy, but that is still nice!

Armpitatage…not all can handle it. I can.

and your point is





now, go get a mop and clean up after yourselves.