I desperately needed sleep last night.

Desperately. I transition to a very uncomfortable and narrow and short air mattress tonight and after three trips to the storage unit and clearing out this room, I was exhausted. I took Tylenol to ensure my slumber.

However, the people above me were stomping (making MY room shake) at midnight…. and at 3:14 AM… and at 5:02 and 5:44 and it hasn’t stopped since 6:02. I have half a mind to leave a profanity -laced sticky on their door.

I also packed all of the food and forgot to leave anything for this morning.

Edit: I found a package of powdered donuts. Joy.

However, tonight I will be in my house, and it will be okay.

There will be no bubble bath sadly. The latch on the drain does not work and the drain is dome shaped meaning I can’t stopper or put a flap over it.

We won’t talk about how I’ve also coughed a lung all night. I’m seriously considering going in and calling a sub for today. Really.

Very sad. And still tired.