Monday evening is a looooooooooong, HOT bubble bath with the salts and fizzy balls (which I found in one of my 3 trips down the storage unit today!), some chocolate and a coke to indulge in, the laptop on the commode and either

a) a music cd on OR

b) A movie. I’ve started Spooks. Absolutely brilliant. but I’m thinking something fluffy and pink and romantic and sweet.

And no. Unless your name is Richard Armitage, I do not want company.


Great Mahal! What is all of it?Β 

A lot of junk, but mostly books and music and-

There is no way. Zee, you can’t move-

Do you know how you are about gold?


That’s how I am with music and books. That’s my Dragon-sickness. Music. Books. And yes, I have room.


Square footage, it’s 100 square feet bigger than the storage unit. But only boxes are going in and they’re coming out quickly.

It’s my hope to have the house set up in a reasonable, livable manner by the time I go home for Christmas. I’m praying to have everything sorted by Spring Break. (I think March. If it’s not, guess what we’re doing for spring break.)

I found Spawn’s lighthouse collection in the first trip down. He’s very happy.

Oh and we are definitely going to need a burn barrel and a compost heap.