Guylty Pleasure

Some of you may have already been waiting for this. The official write-up and the full photographic loot of the UATSC premiere in Leeds. A little preamble – there is enough material here to draw this out as a loooong, slooooow, and sweet death by guylty pleasure, and since RL demands my attention, I will not be able to post everything tonight. Rather than just upload all the pictures, I’d like to put them into context and describe the event as it unfolded. And that takes a bit of time. I will post about the UATSC premiere in three parts, in chronological order. Part 1 deals with the premiere in Chapel FM on Saturday, part 2 will describe the second screening in Hyde Park Picture House on Sunday, and part 3 concludes the whole saga with a review of the film. I’ll post on three consecutive days, so it’ll be…

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