Security deposit is turned in. Official move in is Friday, November 13th. Yeah. I know.

Tentative truck move November 25th – the day before Thanksgiving. I have to come up with a full month’s rent on the 13th and they’ll prorate my partial November for the month of December. Meaning I have to come up with full month, deposits for electricity, water, trash, etc by the 13th and then half, plus 60.00 16 days after that. Oh. And internet.

and food and insurance and gas…

Internet might have to wait until December. I’m not going to think about cable. At all.

POP!Thorout is begging to come home. He can’t tolerate the noise anymore. I’ll probably give in. He and POP!Thorin will have to stay in opposite ends of the house.

Newer pictures behind the cut – including the FULL front on of the house. I didn’t take pictures of the garage, but it’s full concrete floor and 2 car huge.


Full frontal. Whoo hooo.


Living room. This closest spot will be my reading nook. Bookcases and my big chair and ottoman.


Family room, right off the living room. more books and bookcases and music and stereo and knits and my computer stuff. Spawn’s computer stuff will go in the 3rd bedroom.

The bedrooms AREN”T huge. Mine is an 11 x 11 and with my bed, vanity, chest, night stand, wardrobe and bookcase, it’s going to be tight. Spawn’s bedroom is a 9.5 x 10 and he has just as much furniture. At least the closets are big. And his bedroom has a huge ceiling fan, shelves in the closet and nifty ceiling spotlights.


The kitchen is plenty huge.


Room enough for me and Spawn. Yes the sink is mustard yellow. A lot of stuff in this house is dated… but the room in the living area makes up for it.


Breakfast nook. Yes that’s the oven to the left. The space above is for the microwave and there is storage above it, so I’m thinking the cookware we don’t use often – like the big steamer and the crockpot. Christmas baking dish. Rather than put a small table in, I’m going to paint my ugly yellow bookcase a rather obnoxious red and use it for cookbooks. I have red curtains that will look equally obnoxious. I’ll like it! Also a rolling cart with a butcher block top.

SSPX0023 SSPX0017

Dining room. Yes. Paneling. My big bookcase will go in there – I’m going to paint it an off white, to match my dining room furniture. Oh, the room is 20 feet long.


Probably the most obnoxious room in the house – the hall bath. (which is also Spawn’s. my bathroom is so small, there isn’t room for a trash can! But I have a step around shower.) I have no clue how old the wallpaper is… and the tile is blue. At least it’s blue and not pink.

So yeah, oh so very 70’s… but it’s ours and I can see where everything will go and I”m over the moon with the fact I have a huge 2 car garage to put boxes in and bring them in one at a time to deal with.

Just soooooo over the moon!!!