Is getting ready to find itself packed up and taken back to the store.


The minute I started putting programs on it, it slowed down. Sometimes I have to ask it to do something 2 and 3 times before it will respond. FOr something with 6G ram, it’s as slow as the Beast it replaced.

IT doesn’t have a solitaire game. NO! I have to make an Xbox account and do challenges. Nowhere am I allowed to complete a fucking game! I suppose I could BUY a solitaire program but that irks me.

And it does NOT like my PC kindle. IF I can get it to open I have a choice – access to all 130 folders (I have to have them in order to make my way through all 22000+ books) or I can download books. Either or. I can’t have both.

Really do not like 8.1. Really.

Oh. The first installment of William Edward is going up. Take tissues.