Tonight is definitely the last night we will see Middle Earth on the big screen. My tissues are ready.

Of course, Pop!Thorin is coming with me. For some odd reason, he is of the belief that PJ is going to save his dwarven ass this go-round. I might have a POP!Dwarven-sized melt down at the end. Such is life.

Besides, I”m in need of a good cry.

Last Wednesday, I was robbed. Not by gun-point or knife… quite simply, the maid here at the motel did me in. I complained to motel management last weekend (as in a week ago) that the maid hadn’t changed my sheets in 3 weeks and I hadn’t had towels in 2 weeks. (And their towels are mighty thin!) The pillows had mold. I was told to take the pillows out of the room and set them outside and they’d make sure the maid did the room the following week.

I come in Wednesday to discover that yes, she stipped the bed, but she

a) didn’t make it.  She left the linens still folded in a chair

b) stripped MY pillowcases and took them

c) left towels under the linens

d) didn’t take out the trash in the garbage cans.


she DID take NON TRASH items out of a crate and disposed of them.

I’m livid. I went down to management and they found ONE of my pillowcases and went dumpster diving the next day. They found a few cassette tapes, my obvious fake costume jewelry and a knitted phone holder. The maid claimed she thought it was trash.

So, why didn’t you take OUT that actual, obvious trash? THe stuff that was in it was laying loose and obviously NOT trash!

Also she claimed she couldn’t get to the bed. It’s against the wall.

My response – lazy ass. pull it away. It’s NOT that big a deal. I moved the damn bed all over the room! With my FRIGGIN’ KNEE!!!!

What is missing – gone – are

a) my book external. Yep. The big 3T of ebooks. Gone. replacing all of them isn’t going to happen. At least not a lot of them.

b) the one piece of jewelry my former fiance gave me that was worth anything. A diamond heart tennis bracelet. It was IN the velvet pouch with the rest of the jewelry. Guess that kind of cinches it.

c) 2 books. Guess which ones? Bernard Hare’s Urban Grimshaw and the Shed Crew and God on a Harley. Yeah. The 2 books I bought myself for my birthday.

d) an embroidered purse my mom got me. I actually liked this one.

e) Perfume they don’t make anymore that didn’t set off my asthma.

f) My backup cell phone.

That’s just for starters.

To say I”m livid is simply an understatement. At least my Kindle and POP!THorin didn’t go out. There is no way she could mistake this stuff for trash. NO way.

Management has agreed to leave the room alone. I’ve bought my own linens, changed my own damn bed and bought towels. I”m appalled and think I should still call the police and have them file a report. I’ve been told that management can’t take responsibility – only if it was in their safe. And my room was 40.00 less this week.

I”m off to take my ample ass to dinner and then onward to the movie.