Saw The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – Extended, last night in the theater. Will see DoS on Wednesday and BotFA next Tuesday. It was wonderful and I made some new geeky friends!

As fabulous as it was, it was very bitter-sweet. This is the LAST time we will see Middle Earth on the Big Screen.

And my best movie buddy wasn’t there with me.

I was very disappointed in the low turn-out. Including me, there were 5 in the theater. That’s it. At least I didn’t have to jockey for my favorite seat (at the top, in the middle) My new geeky friends won’t be there tomorrow night for DoS, but they will be there for BotFA. We’ve promised to save the other a seat if one or the other gets there first.

Still wish my best movie buddy was here. He won’t arrive until later December.

In the brohaha of having dinner with a friend (a fellow music teacher) and then trying to find the theater I forgot to take The King with me. He was most distressed.


Distressed? Aggrieved would be a much more suitable word!

I finally got a new computer. I gave up on TigerDirect – they offered me free shipping (10 whopping bucks) and a 20.00 gift card if I would just take something else – something else being a refurbished Dell just like what I have now or an HP with half the ram and half the harddrive.

No. I want what I bought.

IN the end, I spent the weekend surfing and checking out electronic stores here on the coast. In the process, I was involved in a wreck (swapped paint with my victim and that was it) discovered MORE MOLD in my humble abode. I can’t win. NO wonder I”m staying sick. The hunt for a permanent place is depressing. Can I just be tired now?

Either way, I found a very nice HP with 6G ram and 500 HD. My new Sir Guy is shiny black and wicked fast. Whoot. I’m still getting him all tricked out. The model comes in purple, but they were out and weren’t sure if they would get it in. See it has Windows 8.1 – I’m not really thrilled with it, hunting stuff is a chore and what used to take 1 click, now takes 5. No this is NOT what I consider convenient! And right now, the world is awash in the launch of Windows 10. I’ve not met anyone that LIKED Windows 10, so no. I walked out of 2 stores because the salesmen were pushing it and didn’t want to show me anything BUT Windows 10.

Zee does not like change and when Zee’s buddies say they don’t like something, sorry if I believe them and not the people who have been paid to tell me shit doesn’t stink.

The other problem I’m having is my original Guy’s harddrive – the one with all of my current writing on it – that would include William Edward, Gary and 21st century Guy – doesn’t seem to want to read. Sometimes it kicks in, sometimes it doesn’t. Next time I can get it to kick in, certain folders are being copied to this harddrive. If push comes to shove, I’ll hook it back up to the Dell, copy it to a flash drive or email the files to myself.

3 day weekend coming up and I”m not going home. Just can’t afford it. Trying to come up with all sorts of cash and it’s just not…

Yes I know. I bought a computer. The Dell was crapping out on me. Slow is a nice word for what was happening. I consider the purchase necessary. Sometimes, a girl just has to have it, y’know???

IT is now going on 1 AM So you know where I’m heading…

under the pillow

Well, he has the right idea…