Before I write another sentence, I want to thank each and every person who donated to my adventure and made it possible. I love you all and if it wasn’t for your generosity, I wouldn’t have made it to my first payday, 5 weeks after I arrived. Words cannot express how much you mean to me and I cannot thank you enough.

So, I’m here, I’ve moved to a motel closer to work – okay, like 5 minutes to work, there is a wider variety of restaurants within a mile, I have a ‘kitchenette’ –


which is way small, but I can cook and wash dishes (sort of. That sink is really small!) and I have a frig. There are two grocery stores and Family Dollar between here and work, so I’m set.

Initially the plan was to find a compassionate soul who wouldn’t mind me crashing in an extra bedroom or couch until the beginning of October. I would cook and walk dogs if needed, but I could save up a set amount of money and after perusing my fair share of affordable rentals that would include 3 bedrooms and a garage, I would be a happy camper. This would be accomplished by Oct 1.

That has NOT been the case. It would blow your mind what a 2 bedroom, 1 bath cracker box in the ghetto goes for here. I’m wondering how my children’s parents manage. What I’m spending monthly on this motel room with a kitchenette is downright sinful. I’m paying more monthly for it than I would any of the homes I’ve looked at. Granted, the weekly expenditure includes electric, phone, water, trash and internet, But this is still small and Spawn and the kitties wouldn’t fit.

And while I was content to stay here until mid-November, which I’m still going to have to do, (Outgo for this place, food, my normal expenditures – cell phone, gas, storage unit down the coast and then save up security deposit which is the same as a month’s rent, pet deposit, utility deposits, first month’s rent, truck rental) it became clear to me this week I really needed to nail down a spot because the pickings here are abyssal.

Not to mention that living in a week by week brings colorful neighbors.

I can cope with the children who live here and as they have no where to play, improvise – tag in the breezeways and walk-ways. of course, this means the place is shaking until bedtime and bedtime is later on the weekends and it’s noisy, but children are children and they need a place to run and play and yell and let off steam, and I’m telling you, they aren’t getting daily recess time like they need to at school. If it gets too much, I can go up the road to Zaxbys or Sonic or the mall – okay, I’ve not BEEN to the Mall yet and truthfully, I need to make a trip to the beach, pay homage to the thing on this earth greater than myself –




Friday night around 10:30 PM, the couple beneath me had a rousing discussion.

Okay, she went off on him – screaming and yelling and both of them were QUITE drunk, so I couldn’t understand a word she was saying and no, it was NOT in a foreign language. I mean, how rude! If you’re going to have a fight and you’re going to take it into the parking lot for the world to see, at least be clear and concise in your English skills!

She screamed, he paced, they settled down and went back inside…

Came back out 20 minutes later, started all over again – her screaming and him moseying about in the parking lot.

After an hour and a half of this, he decided to answer.

Still couldn’t understand either one of them. Bugger.

At that point, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to get SERIOUS about finding a place, so I went on hotpads and zillow and started the hunt. I listed 12 places that looked promising, mapped them, put them in an order to go from one to the next and decided that Saturday, I would go look at some houses. So I got up Saturday morning, filled up the gas tank and off we went.

My God, my God, why has thou forsaken me?

Of the 12, 7 were…. no. Just say no. No. One had neighbors with multiple cars that were up on jacks and bricks so long the jacks were rusted. So…. no.

Couldn’t find 2. Really!!! I mapped them and everything and these two houses DID NOT EXIST!!!!

There was a Townhouse on the outskirts, lots of traffic and I can’t begin to imagine the gridlock during rush-hour. Not to mention it was extremely narrow and tight and not enough efficient storage.

One was REALLY nice, looked great on the website so I drove up – it’s the furthest out, the most expensive – at the tippy top of my budget and got a realtor to come out and let me look.

SOOOOOO little. SOOOOOOO tiny. I would have hoped for a garage at that amount… the dining room wasn’t big enough for a table, much less MY table and buffet. There was no WALL to put my buffet on. One wall was the laundry CLOSET, there was the back patio door across the back and the other wall was simply a long bar looking into the kitchen.

Now I could forego the table and just get stools for the bar and the kitchen was nice and quite large… however the living room was exceedingly small – my piano needs to go on an inside wall and there wasn’t one, leaving only the outside wall… and I have the 7+ foot long couch and the 12 foot book case…okay I have 15 bookcases, one of which holds my cookbooks…

The realtor commented I could put the piano in the smaller bedroom.

The smallest bedroom was an 8 x 8. EXTREMELY tiny by American standards. Don’t forget I still have a table and buffet that have no home.

The larger of the 2 bedrooms was a 9×10 – which Spawn would need – and he has a double bed, chest, bachelor’s chest (and his furniture is Shaker furniture) a computer desk, a book case, an entertainment unit…

Master Bedroom was decent sized but the bathroom – I could hock a lugie from one end to the other and my lugie hocking skills are minimal.

And it was the furthest out.

There is one I would like to see and I have an appointment to see it tomorrow. It is closer in, 3 bedroom, 1 bath, with a carport and much bigger than the one. I have already looked at a 2 bedroom, 2 story duplex WITH a garage – the living area downstairs is tight, but doable and there is that long single car garage that I could use for storage and bookcases that won’t fit and both bedrooms are VERY large and there is a nice stockade fenced backyard. (Spawn said – how long will take me to mow it? It will take you longer to crank the lawn mower. 5 square trips. Not huge. Just big enough to lay out and have a grill!!!) This unit won’t be available until mid-November, which is fine – gives me time to bank and stash fundage and hopefully some left over in case of emergencies. Hopefully, I can make a decision by Monday evening and start the app process by Tuesday.

Granted it will still be mid-November, but still I’ll have a start and I can start looking forward and preparing for this next phase which is giving me a headache.

I honestly thought I’d have a wider selection of places to live and I would if I added in apartments with 3 bedrooms but even THOSE are out of my price range and the 2 bedroom apartments I’ve perused have been SMALL!