This one is up to 210.00. Dammit.

Guylty Pleasure

Welcome to the #cRAftingForCharity auctions in aid of the Syrian Children’s Relief Fund! Excuse me if Guylty indulges in a bit of Guy love… He had to go into the auction. Yes, the dark knight insisted that he wanted to be part of the charity drive. After all he has had a bit of experience with Pudsey and the like… And look, Pudsey has sneaked into this pocket shrine, ready to be cuddled by Guy in his – frankly pitifully unsecure – prison… The shrine was actually made to accompany a beautiful gift that Pollysthings has sent to me on behalf of the auction. The wooden treasure box could hold all your trinkets – and the RAPS, if you don’t want it in your handbag… Thank you to Pollysthings for the inspiration – and the box.

The Guy-RAPS-Package consists of a RAPS, and a hand-carved wooden trinket box. The RAPS…

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