Ah yes you’re getting ready to get spammed with RA Charity crafts. C”mon y’know you love it! (And him!)

Guylty Pleasure

Welcome to the #cRAftingForCharity auctions in aid of the Syrian Children’s Relief Fund! Life could be a picnic. At least if you had this Great Big Armitage Picnic RAPS – an essential fangirling item that has been tried in tested by more than 90 proud shrine owners the world over. Well, not exactly this particular RAPS – because this is an unused, unique, brand-new pocket shrine, interactive and fun. You can keep it in your handbag and pull it out any time you need a bit of cheer. Or it might look good on your desk beside your work-station. Plus: it’s calorie-free. And guess what: My lovely Tumblr friend Pollysthings has thrown in a few other goodies to make this a great package:

The Picnic-RAPS-Package consists of a RAPS, a small frame with photo and two little notebooks. The RAPS is a mixed media piece of fan art, contained in…

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