blood blister

now, I realize that doesn’t look like anything, but what it is, is a blood blister in the outer crevice of my left pinkie and it goes just under the nail.

That would be my anchor pinkie for the bass when I play piano, (the 2 pinkies are the most important fingers when playing piano!) which I’ve been playing a LOT as of late. This one was created yesterday when I was jamming with my fellow band director – jazzin’ it up with Conjunction Junction, me on the ivories and him on his trombone. We rocked the house, our students loved it, we’ve been getting faculty audiences out in the hall and it’s the AIR to me.

(Disregard the dirt under the nails. I’ve been unpacking music boxes.)

I’m thinking tho, I could use a doctor maybe.

Maybe him???


(But he’ll probably do this…)