It was World Beard Day over the weekend and I missed it? How did that happen???

I had no idea there was such a thing. Really! And I waxed mine off this weekend.


okay – so Happy Belated World Beard Day, people.

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Scruff is early beard!

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lest anyone think my beard love is all for one…. (actually it is but….)tumblr_mhze05kfxw1s1rk2lo1_250 CGdcB8kWoAAJutq tumblr_ndt9fbKg191rbzfi5o1_500 tumblr_ndjzv7odjp1tl7x4jo2_1280 erotic thorin

no beard collage is complete without that one!

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Trust me, if he doesn’t shave the danglies, there is beardy stuff there…

152081Funny sarcastic

I’m a hoot!

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Erm… stubble… yes look at the stubble, not the beardy stuff on the chest…

screw that. I’m looking at the beardy stuff on the chest!!!! Don’t judge me! coat 3

tumblr_mog8q188x51rp382io1_250 tumblr_n21d241goz1tt76sfo1_250

There is more, but you get the picture, right???