Long weekend coming up.  as soon as the last bus leaves Friday and going home. I’m going to let my mom and my son baby me. Spawn already has stocked up on lemon/honey/ginger tea and said if I’ll text or call when I reach the county line, he’ll have it in the pot and steeping. He’s also making me Tagletelli on Saturday – my favorite dish, besides pizza. I want pizza. I want pizza bad.

And now…. because it’s Wednesday…


#15 – Really? Last one. Sheesh!!!!  Any blogging role-models???

Yes and no. I’m amazed at the amount of responses and chatter on some blogs. And I don’t mean it in a mean and/or jealous way. Just wow, look at all the followers who LIKE them enough to talk. I love my fellow bloggers, I love the ones who follow me and I love the ones who talk to me. And I know y’all think I’m joking as to – why would anyone want to talk to me? I’m just wowed by I guess the prolific amount of posts and diverse discussion elsewhere.

you know, everything I’m not. And that’s okay. Really. I’m rather fond of my garden. I have the sweetest, most gorgeous flowers, right??? There isn’t a single person who follows me or converses with me that I wish wouldn’t. Really. Especially the ones I don’t see eye to eye on some things. Politically. Religiously. It’s what makes us, us. We’re cool. We’re mature enough to say – you’re different, but I like you anyway!

You know, about 2 months ago, someone followed me somewhere else for 2 weeks and I was like… Really? This person hates my guts. I know she does. Why is she following me? So I posted a shit load of puppies and kittens for 2 weeks. I guess I bored her.

But back to the topic at hand. I’m blown away by rampant numbers of posts, those of you who converse in the more than one language…foreign languages confuse me. I have a hard enough time thinking in my native tongue.

So there, that’s it. Do I get a button, or a badge, or Richard???? I would like Richard, please. Please. Enjoy some of my… lovely things in my garden.

aaa urban aserwer


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