hack hack Wunderful

hack hack S’marvelou…. hackhackhackhack.

Yep. I gots it bad. Really bad. No it’s not REALLY bad. It’s annoying. I have little voice, can’t carry a tune and right now, I’m swallowing razorblades. We suspect mold in my room and I definitely have sick babies who are very ill-behaved. I’m testing the younger ones and it’s not pretty. That’s fine. It can be as ugly as it likes. It needs to be beautiful come May.

Thank me. I just deleted 5 paragraphs of rant.

House hunting is in full swing. Such not fun. Finding a home in Brunswick was a breeze compared to this.

And it’s Wednesday. Humpeth Day! Who do I want to hump???


So hard….



Yes, I would hump Gary. In a heart beat. Don’t judge me.

Anyway… it’s time for – drumroll…


#14 – Your plans for your blogging future.

Really? I’m just here for the booze. And the Richarding.