Pokepokepoke! Wake up! 


Thorin? You’re all blurry.

Because you’re sick and you’re breathing sick air. Get up. Take a shower. I’m bored. 

I’m sick.

And I’m bored. I’ve seen NOTHING but this motel room since you arrived.

You saw my room. You were with your twin, remember?

Don’t argue. Get up. Take a shower. You have things to do today! 

Okay. I’ve showered.

Put on some pink smelly stuff. 


Pink. Smelly. Stuff. 


I TOOK a shower-

Do it to please me. 

Hey! Are you King Under the Mountain or that smart ass in leather I adore?


Put! It! On! 


have mercy

Mercy? What is this mercy?


Alright already. I’m Spritzed. Now what?

In the car. Now. Take me with you. Take the laptop. You’ve got work to do and the internet here sucks.


Good. You are going to: 

a) Go get something decent to eat. Sit down. Enjoy. The Waffle House people love you. They know what you want the minute you walk in. Tonight, you will have a steak. So look for a steakhouse. You are Fastfooded out.

b) Go to WalMart or Publix or CVS or somewhere and get something to dry you up and calm you down. Tissues. The meds you have with you are heavy duty that you take when you have no business being around man nor beast nor dwarf nor leather-clad smart arses. You’re not that bad, yet.

c) Go to Starbucks. Get the big water. Take the meds. You’re not looking up houses today. You’re contacting people. You’re making appointments. You’re going to look. Get out of the effing car. 

d) Call people to see who will take Locks of Love donations. Yes it’s cute one of your Hobbit sized humans found your pony tail and played in it, which I understand was preferable to him climbing the walls, which he normally does. however I heard you yelp several times this week when your hair got trapped beneath your boob and you tried to get up and yanked yourself at the root. You do not need hair to your waist for that 12th century ‘knight’ to pull on when you… play. 



I see someone going in the suitcase at night. You’re nasty.


I’m right. 

Bossy little shit.

This is a problem? 

Okay. so I had a good breakfast, brunch, whatever… I’ve taken meds, I can breathe, but I’m draggy. I’ve got an appointment in 2 hours to see a house and am looking at 2 others on the way.

I’ll THINK about cutting my hair this week. It’s too long and stringy and it’s too hot for it.

And I have lesson plans to write tonight. I might be back. I dunno…