Woke up this morning with a sore throat and runny nose. Knew it was inevitable. Several of my students had runny noses yesterday. It also rained Monday and I didn’t have my umbrella while on bus duty.

Also – did you know I went to college so I could stand out in the road wearing a police vest, holding a stop sign and direct big yellow buses??? Yeah. Apparently.  I’m doing a LOT of things in this job I’ve never had to do before. but hey it’s a paycheck.

House hunting sucks. Eating out sucks. This weather sucks. Richard Armitage does not suck. He might lick, I dunno.


you naughty girl

Yeah, that was bad.

Anyway… Today IS Wednesday, right? Yes it is. Tuesday is my Challenge Day – the day I have my most challenging classes. Really. And Wednesday – right now – is a breeze, so yes, today IS Wednesday.


13 – What have you learned from blogging? 

To walk softly and speak gently. Or try to. Okay, think about walking softly and speaking gently. Consider it.

Guyday. NEEED Guyday!