Remember this???


For those who don’t remember, this would be the front view of my storage unit – a jam packed 10 x 30. I have things hanging from the rafters. Really. It’s pretty cool. Obviously.

Somewhere in this mess are 75 boxes of work materials – music, of the student variety. (I’m not counting my personal stash of music, which is rather impressive as well) Normally, I would leave well enough alone, however my children are in need. I have ย bits and pieces, but no complete sets. As it stands, my 1st through 4th graders are using a book set of textbooks and materials from the mid 1990’s. I have the records to those. Yes. Records. They’re dumbfounded – they’ve never seen them! I am at a loss as to what to do with my 5th gradres. I have 21 student workbooks about johnny Mercer – Savannah’s favorite son – but no teacher edition and the cd isn’t reading. I’ll deal.

And my kinders have nada. At this moment, I’m watering down the first grade stuff for them – there is no big book for them. Irritating at best. I have records and the supplemental materials but no teacher edition. So today, I went on a spelunking expedition.

Oh. The storage unit is about an hour south of where I am now.

Smart of me, quite a bit of my materials were packed near the front. But most importantly, I found the KK teacher edition for my kinders. Soooo happy. I would have liked to have…


The pink thing on the ground is the Kinder Big Book. I SHOULD have the 1st Grade Big Book as well…


Apparently, the big books are further back – gnashing of teeth – and the blue book circled here is actually 1st grade rhythm charts, so okay, I have that, so good.

Either way, when I finished digging back three layers, my unit now looks like this!


of course, my car looks like THIS…





Yes, those would be my infamous collection of posters. Including Captain Jack! (That one of my students tried to run off with one year!) I have a feeling Hannah Montana and Chris Brown will NOT be going up. I might ask some of the younger teachers what Chris Brown’s reputation is like these days. He was up when that mess with Rihanna happened and my 8th graders told me within 24 hours he needed to come down and come down RIGHT NOW! How quickly they turned on the woman-beater!!!!

And Miley… well that’s a no brainer.

I’ve earned my coca-cola.