When I slept all night. Or MOST of the night. Or even when I woke up in the middle of the night, rolled over and went back to sleep.

I long for the days when 18 wheelers weren’t parked outside my room and cranked up at 4 AM.


I can’t even yearn for the weekend as that’s when families seem to come through. Last Saturday, I had a barking dog on one side, 2 toddlers behind me and a family with two rooms above me. Of course the children jumping on the bed were DIRECTLY above me.

Sunday night, I had a cat in heat next door.

All week last week, I had a family with 2 young children doing the sights all week. They’ve come in around 10 PM all wound up and Dad fed up with them. Granted, they were in bed and quiet by 10:30, but I still have to put up with 30 minutes of – you STOP that right now, if you don’t settle down, you’re going to wish you had…. etc…and they’d park in the handicapped spot next to me WAY too close to my side of the car.


So while I’m here….

Blog Introspection 12 – How – if at all – has blogging changed your life?

I don’t think it has, tbh. Sometimes, I look at this as  a type of online diary, which is strange as I never kept one as a pre-teen or teenager. My biggest fear then was my parents or worse my siblings would find my scribblings of my deepest darkest obscure thoughts, so I didn’t write them down. Maybe I’m making up for that lost time.

Of course, I do like to read other people’s blogs. Even if I don’t say anything, I”m watching you!

Sometimes I wonder who’s watching me?