Names have been changed to protect the villains.

First Grade.

Johnny is pestering Susie. Poking, prodding, tongue wagging. Susie isn’t having none of it and Music Teacher took pity on her and moved Johnny to a seat by himself. Once moved, where Johnny continues to pester Susie, Susie looks at teacher and says – he’s so mean to me. He was mean to me last year too. Called me ugly, said the dog I drew looked like a cow!

Music teacher says – you know, it might be because he LIKES you and he just doesn’t have the skills to say you’re pretty and he loves you.

Class: ooooooooooooooooooh.

Susie: No, that’s not right. Carl told me last year I was pretty and he loved me and he was a MAN about it.

Music was over just right then.