Work starts for real tomorrow. I still can’t find the majority of my stuff and I see a spelunking trip to my storage unit in my near future – like this weekend. NOT looking forward to that. Big wigs will be there and right now I feel like this…


My day starts with the little ones. We going to sing, play rhythm drums – the big ones – and talk smack.

But you don’t want to hear about that, I’m sure.

unshadowed cheeks

Yes, I would love to talk about those peaches… but…


#11: What is my favorite aspect of blogging. Well heckers! It’s the awesome people I’ve met. Really. You can just do so much on Tumblr. Here I have a chance to converse and integrate. The interaction. Believe it or not, I’m NOT the most social person in real life. For some odd reason, I’m more likely to talk here than other places. Don’t know why… Again, as I’ve stated before, this is just a constant stream of surface thoughts.

not deep. Not deep at all. If you want depth, dig into my writing. That stuff is deeper than I’ll ever admit publicly….

Richard??? We need some Richard. I need some Richard. I’ve not been Richarding in a while….

fav fav fav guf

tumblr_lv5we7SZh21qdsbmco1_250no gripping! you like it!


I would know those peaches anywhere….


I’m done…. for now…