I log on tonight to find out that Tolkien Artist Jef Murray has passed into the West. I had the pleasure of meeting him a few years back at Dragoncon and he was the most lovely, gentlest human being I’ve met. God Speed, Jef.

Endless Squeeeeing about things.

I have been hard at work…  THIS is what I walked into on Wednesday!

SSPX0144 SSPX0146

Those big boxes on the bottom – those are electric keyboards!!!! a BUNCH of them!!! Guess what my 4th and 5th graders are going to learn to play – once I figure out how to set them up and make sure when I plug them ALL up (there are at least 16 of them. Maybe 20) I don’t blow the wiring. This school building is older than me! )

First off I had to get stuff away from the walls. I was NOT pleased.

SSPX0160 SSPX0159


Those are some boring walls!

But happiness is coming!!!

SSPX0157And now I have happy walls!!!


POP!Thorout is VERY pleased with his new abode!


My son’s corner…


I have one of these…

SSPX0161Get your minds out of the gutter. It’s a rhythmic scraper. Sheesh!

and FINALLY! My Crucible Poster has a place!


It has nothing to do with the subject I teach, it is up for purely self-indulgent reasons. One of my neighboring teachers asked me who it was and I told them it was my future husband!

And yes, you are seeing my carb tabs as well as a big bottle of Tylenol. I shouldn’t explain this, do I???


I don’t think I’ll be able to use this record. Actually, I don’t have a record player. I see me bringing my computerized turn-table coming down with me the next time I go home. (Probably Labor Day weekend) This will become a wall decoration. These children have NEVER seen a record – think it’s a ‘big cd’….

Someone was tossing a perfectly good cubbie! It has all 4 wheels even! Of COURSE I appropriated it! I’ve made good use of it!


And LASTLY – I found this!!!!


It even has T-shirt transfers for the main characters, including Smaug!!!! The thing has never been used or listened to!!! There are lesson plans, all of it.

I am MOST excited. Can you tell???