we needs it!!!! ….

Guylty Pleasure

Just a quick one tonight – and really only to give blog readers a chance to get their name into the hat for my latest give-away which is happening over on Twitter tonight/today. You will find me there as @GuyltyPleasure.

I set myself the challenge to make a RAPS for every episode of Red Dragon…ooops Hannibal. With a demanding visitor in the house, I literally had to steal time (and pretend I needed a lie-down…) in order to get the second RAPS in the Red Dragon series done in time for tonight’s airing of episode 3×09. This is the one for episode 2, eh, 3×09.


I think we could actually call this a “DRAPS” (DRAgon Pocket Shrine)…

Unfortunately I could not get a certain image out of my head. The great worship scene. Please consider this a re-cap of episode 3×08…


I know you understand…

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