As most of us know, this summer, I spent a great deal of time, adventuring, for lack of a better word, and driving all over this lovely state of mine. Several thousand miles of adventuring in the span of 9 weeks. My body hurts. But it has paid off and I’m looking forward to beginning a new chapter in my life. I’m making plans. Whoo hooo! I will be Spawn-less for almost 5 months.

have mercy

I won’t know what to do with myself. Actually, empty nest sucks. He and I have been house hunting together online and yesterday, I looked at several of the homes we had targeted. Needless to say, I’m rather unimpressed with the selection. I recall this happened when I moved 10 years ago, just a bit south of here and after 3 days of going from dump to dump, we lucked into our home. I’m hoping with the fact I have a few months to look (I’m targeting October for move) we’ll find something we like. I really miss him a lot. I am looking forward to when he joins me in December. I painted my room Friday and took many pain relievers Friday night and Saturday. I tried to write while on said pain relievers, but upon looking at my endeavors this morning, I have pretty much reverted it all to notes. Some of it was deleted – it appears to be in Klingon.

Either way, there were aspects of my adventuring that while I can laugh now, I didn’t then. In fact, I’m not laughing now. I sit back and wonder HOW on earth these people got to where they are, behaving like this? And in 2 cases, I wonder if I should file complaints. Really.

and your point is

  1. Adventure 1 – Friday morning adventure, almost to the Alabama border. I had to drive THROUGH Atlanta Friday morning rush hour traffic. Friday morning rush hour traffic in Atlanta starts at 5:30 AM Friday morning and ends Saturday afternoon. I kid you not. So getting up early (which I don’t like at all) and braving traffic for an 11 AM conference on the border, was just ducky! Had to maneuver around 3 car accidents, 1 of them not so pretty and had one of the fastest and worst blood glucose meltdowns ever. I almost didn’t get into my purse fast enough for my carb tabs. In short, the conference started on time, (meaning I left the waiting area at 11) the host starts off by asking me 2 questions that have NOTHING to do with the job or my doing the job or how I’ve done the job, the co-host asks me a very irrelevant question, the host then excuses herself for something ‘important that doesn’t involve me and I’ll be right back,’ and leaves with the co host, leaving me to ask the person who some lucky sot would be replacing as she was leaving (baby) about her program. I get all of my info from her. The co host comes back, asks if I have any questions and then dismisses me before I have a chance to say no. I see the host getting in her car to leave – no she’s not upset or in a hurry – and I’m in my car 18 minutes after I arrived. (Remember, I arrived before the time of the conference) Color me insulted and not happy. I’ve considered several times sending a formal complaint to the Board.  meh

  2. Adventure 2) First, I got lost and had to call Spawn to guide me in the back way with his GPS, the addy I was given was to the main office and not to the actual site and when I mentioned it to the host, she laughed and said – oh yeah, the website’s wrong. (Didn’t think to tell me? After telling me to get what I needed from the website, INCLUDING the crapped out directions and WRONG physical address?) As I’m leaving, I’m informed it’s a half and half position – half what I do and half what I don’t do and their last teacher was what I don’t do and they really liked that. (They did not advertise this) When she emailed ‘the losers’ to tell use we didn’t get the job, (one of TWO that actually contacted me to tell me I didn’t get the job) she open CC’d everyone rather than BC’d and then she gave us all the personal information of the lucky sot she DID hire, their history and background. They hired a local who MIGHT be certified doing what I don’t do. Joy. We needed to know this?  

     are you kidding

  3. Adventure 3) Conferenced in my old stomping grounds – the one that eradicated their entire program, save for those that provide the halftime show. VERY expensive trip. VERY. County is 6 hours away. conference is early so I’m spending the night. 2 hours out of home, I’m called to reschedule the conferenceto 2 days out. In the end, they decided to go with the person who held that position originally, as they planned to all along. Had I known, I wouldn’t have applied for it. Since they obviously planned to take him back (and he’s awesome, don’t get me wrong) they should have just conferenced with local people – like anyone. Note to self: This is the THIRD time they’ve pulled this stunt with me. I don’t think I want to EVER go back, no matter how much they beg.     152081Funny sarcastic

  4. I had one ‘host’ go on and on about paper testing and how I prepared them for entrance and exit testing and how do I review with them and how long does it take, and how long does it take me to roll and if there was a performance 3 weeks into the year, how would I prepare them and make sure I was meeting standards. And how do I catch them up if they missed last week? Uhm… I will see them 30 times in the ENTIRE year at 45 minutes a whack, and you want me to take 2 of those 30 times and administer a paper test??? for this age group??? REALLY? I don’t take roll! That’s their homeroom teacher’s job. If you want a performance 3 weeks into the year, you’ll take what you get. You’re NOT going to get 4 part harmony and the Hallelujah Chorus, that’s for sure. If they missed, they’ll figure it out… *headdesk*                                                   angry you

  5. This one takes the cake. Really. Had I been offered this one, I would have turned it down. I sit down, host and 2 co-hosts. Host and 1 co-host VERY nice, the second co-host appears to be offended that I’m there and breathing. Don’t know why. NONE of her questions are politely worded, much less professional and she is extremely antagonistic. I see playing Good Cop, Bad Cop, but she was down-right rude. I did good, not getting flustered. Some of her more succulent questions:

      1. Do you even know how many schools you’ve taught in? (Yes. 4.)

      2. If you’re so wonderful, why hasn’t the system you’ve subbed in for 4 years hired you? (They’ve had a hiring freeze.)

      3. Really? There hasn’t been a single opening in your area of expertise? At all? (Again, there has been a hiring freeze. The 2 HS SHARE a choral director. The elementary schools share music teachers as well as art teachers. They have closed one of the middle schools and one of the elementary schools, severely over-crowding one of the MS to the point, the 8th grade is housed at the HS in an empty wing. Those teachers were dispersed among the schools. When a teacher leaves, they are not replaced. I have seen HS classroom sizes go from 18 to 35. There are several teachers on carts co-teaching in different subjects in classrooms that have as many as 50 students. There has been a hiring freeze that is still in place.)

      4. I just can’t believe you’ve been 4 years looking with no success. (Schools have been cutting departments, cutting the budget. My former board laid waste to the entire program, county wide, 17 teachers in one swoop. People are staying put in jobs regardless if they like it or not, because there have been no jobs out there for my field. Several I’ve interviewed for have told me they had 2 to 300 applicants for the position. There are literally 100’s of us jockeying for 1 position. For the most part, the only openings have been for band. There have been more openings for MY area of expertise in the last 2 months, than have been combined in over the last 3 years.)

      5. (My favorite. Really.) Do you even remember the question? (Yes. The question was how do I differentiate classes with different learning styles and abilities and how do I make sure everyone gets it?) You didn’t need to elaborate. (To the best of my knowledge, it’s not a yes or no question.)

After that, every question she asked, she told me – just answer yes or no. You don’t need to elaborate. And it was NEVER a yes or no question.

I got in the car and began praying – Please no. Just please no. I had one of these kinds of bosses before. I almost developed an ulcer. My rosacia stayed berserk. I will have a heart attack, not dealing with the kids, but dealing with this woman! For the record, the host walked me outside to the parking lot, thanking me profusely for coming and sharing and praising my professionalism. The other co-host called me that night and thanked me as well, going on and on about my passion and love for what I do.

No one apologized for the witch. I would send a letter of complaint, but I don’t remember the woman’s name and I don’t care to remember her name. I pity the person they hired, unless it was someone she decided she liked, better than me. Like maybe her kid, or niece. At least I hope so.


I’m so glad this is over. I really am. Really.

are you for real