Good afternoon and how are we all??? I’m hanging in there, I think. Things have changed greatly since I’ve last been in a classroom 100% of the time. Changes, changes I’m not sure I like.

I have to test my babies. Not my older ones, just the younger ones. I’m only going to see them once every 5 to 6 days for 45 minutes and I have to spend TWO of those precious class periods testing them! A classroom teacher will have them more in 10 days than I will all year and I HAVE to test them.

I know, I know, it’s to prove if I’m an effective teacher or not…

Spent today in my room – Mahal’s Anvil! First the building is OLDER than Dwalin before he finally kicked the bucked and we’ll be there 2 years until the new on is built. The place isn’t secure – well it is now, there will be LOCKED gates and fencing all the way around – but I”ve got my stuff, band stuff, and science stuff in my room and my storage closet (which is 4 feet wide and 22 feet long!) and there are dead cockroaches the size of 5th graders!!!! I’ve pulled everything into the middle of the room and tomorrow, I’m going to PAINT! Sunny yellow!!!!

But not the brick walls. Yes. Not cinder block. Brick. I have BRICK walls and whoever painted before, painted the electrical wiring TO the wall.

I have 16 electronic keyboards. Full sized. And only 3 outlets. I see surge protectors in my future. I am afraid I’ll over load the electrical system of this building and maintenance said well, we’ll find out together, won’t we???

Met staff that told me – I went to school here. I’ve taught 18 years. It’s the only school I’ve taught at. And there’s more than one who have done that…

But it’s all good. All good. It is hotter than the Forges of Erebor and I’m sitting across the street from a Krispy Kreme.

Yes, one of THOSE Krispy Kremes. Genevieve is a smart cookie. Life is good.

Nothing in place yet for housing beyond Monday. Getting antsy. Looking for a cheap week to week. Where I’m at isn’t cheap enough. I fear I won’t find something cheap enough.

Blood sugar is coming down into reasonable range. Got up yesterday morning and saw something I’ve not been able to see in months – my ankles. Am rather happy about that. And tomorrow evening, I”m going to go to the beach and have a nice walk. It’s time. It’s due.

Spawn is looking at rentals for us. And Pop!Thorin has decided he will be the House Thorin. Pop!Thorout will stay at work. I’m thinking a framed 5×7 of Sir Guy is needed as well.

Soooo… Day 10?

blog-intro-challengeWhat do I find most difficult or challenging about blogging?

To be honest, I think I’m a pretty boring blogger. My blog is just a conscious stream of thought, my observations of life in general, and rather surface. I’m not a mover or a shaker. People don’t come here to get the lastest RA news, or book reviews or movie reviews. Yes, I have a point of view and yes, I’m rather… obnoxious about it. I just stand my ground, but there isn’t a lot of traffic and I chalk it up to the nature of the beast. This is my quiet corner. I like it that way. Sometimes I wonder what I should blog about, IF I should blog about something, is it of interest to anyone but myself?

Usually not. But that’s okay.

I don’t think people realize how excited I am about being able to see my ankles…