It’s been an amazing 10 days…. holy cow.

First off….the packing of the room…


Uhm… there seems to be a wall between us all of a sudden? Was it something I said? Ate? Should I put my boots on the back porch?

My sister and niece came over yesterday and after we clipped kitty claws, we had pedicures! My niece insisted I needed happy flowers on my tootsies.


All of my stuff (well not my clothes on hangers) for the great load up…


My mom said I wouldn’t get it all in the car.


I SSPX0127

heh! Showed her!

I listened to a man with a beautiful voice read Lords of the North on the way down.

Funny… or maybe fitting… Just as I was pulling up to my exit to the coast, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw the most glorious sunset. Sun setting on an old life.

Yeah. Fitting.

Sorry. I’m not normally philosophical.

Because I’m in this room through next Monday morning, I only unloaded the cabin of the car. Everything else is still in the trunk.


That was all in the back seat. Think I have enough stuff? I left my shampoo and razor at home. I have travel shampoo and disposable razors… lovely. At least I have them.


He’s guarding the carb tabs. No more walls….


I have orientation in the morning. Then I need to find the school I’ll be at. I’ve got 3 different addresses, so while I’m at the board office, I’ll find out.

Tired. Really tired. Excited. Scared. I’ve not taught this age group since 2002. They are work. Serious work. I can walk into a middle or high school, grab a few sheets of music, warm them up, work on sight reading and then sing. Not so this age group. There will be serious serious planning. Every week. And I need to find out of the school website is capable of audio and if so, I’m going to need recording equipment for a once a month this is what we’ve done – for each grade level.

Don’t know what materials I have access to. Hoping to get into my room tomorrow afternoon or Tuesday.

Terrified what my insurance is going to be. You might hear me cursing a blue streak.

I was going to watch Hannibal tonight, but I’m too warn out. Going to call it a night. Tomorrow starts too early.