• Room packed.  Check. It’s packed, with the exception of the sweeping out before I leave. Mom won’t have to pack a thing. Dresser drawers, yarn, cross stitch, etc… packed.
  • Meds/vitamins/Meds/HbA/Meds/inhalers/Meds/CarbTabs in something quick and easy to find. – Check and Double check! Carb tabs in purse, as is emergency inhaler and protein bars.
  • Icechest? – has it. Cleaned out. ready for water and greek yogurt.
  • Doctor visit – said and done and the only reason why she isn’t upset with me is the fact I’ve been in the car on the go go go go for the past 2 months. I think my car should have a McDonald’s Drive-thru Speed Pass on it. She wasn’t amused.
  • Clothes/closet packed – that’s what I’m currently working on.  Most of my stuff is on hangers and all of my suitcases (5 of them) are rather small. As in the weekend/overnight variety. I’ve learned when you roll clothes, you can get more in a suitcase. If I run out of suitcase, I have 3 large shoulder bags that will hold up to 15-20 articles of clothing each.
  • What music is here packed – sorta. Up in the attic, I have my 21st century composer kit. 8 complete lessons, can be broke down into 16. Although I consider that more for middle school. All of my K-8 and Music Alive, as well as my History of the Blues and American Music Road trip are in the storage unit… somewhere… along with the rest of my elementary music… I see me spending a lot of time down in the storage unit soon. Very soon. Before next Friday soon. Like probably Tuesday soon. I have no clue what music system they have. You might not hear from me for a while.
  • A bed to sleep in secured – sorta. A wonderful friend obtained a room at a nearby motel for me for a week. Whoot! Personnel is working on something long-term. I have a few places to call when I get there. The Salvation Army for starters. Women’s shelter. Just me.
  • Fundage. Not met goal, but enough for now. I’m over half-way there!
  • LOTW narrated by Richard burned – tonight. Maybe tomorrow night.

I think I’m doing pretty good.

Mom: Your room looks empty. You’re taking ALL of this with you, right?

Me: Noooooo… only my suitcases, my laptop and computer accessories, (externals) that stack of green crates and the several cases of dvds. 

Mom: You’re not taking your yarn?

Me: Looks at huge ass box of yarn and stacked gallon tubs of separated yarn. Mom. The Silver Fox has room, but not near the room Christine had. (Silver Fox – my 2000 Avalon. Christine – my 1997 Buick LeSabre.) I’m going to be doing good to get all 6 green crates, my suitcases, my clothes on hangers, my laptop and laptop gear, my knit work bag, my cross stitch work case and the several cases of dvds in the car.

Mom: So the big box of yarn isn’t going?

Me: No.

Mom: Or the stack of ice cream gallon containers with yarn in them.

Me: No.

Mom: Your record albums?

Me: No. I’ll make several trips back I’m sure and when I have somewhere secure – or a least room I hope in my music closet, I should have a music closet if I don’t have a music closet, I should have book shelves – I’ll bring back the albums and stuff as i can. I’ll probably hunt out and retrieve my Bowman Albums – the little ones go for that stuff. we can march around the room and play Mad Conductor. I think my opera karaoke is in the storage unit. You’ve not lived until you’ve heard a bunch of 3rd graders tackle the Anvil Chorus, karaoke style.

Mom: Maybe we’ll rent you a storage unit…

Me: Why? It’s not a ton of stuff and you better not put my records in a storage unit. Key words – climate controlled…

Sigh. Doing laundry. Almost done with the clothes.


Soooooooooooooooo tired….  I want to do some Richarding… 😦  I might watch a movie tonight… might… what to watch…

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Don’t judge me.

Has WordPress done another upgrade? My window for writing is now only an inch high. Makes looking at what I wrote murder.