Some time ago, my parents decided I needed a tool kit. Why, I don’t know, but I admit it’s come in handy. My brothers and my sister, tbh, find it amusing, especially my sister who quite frankly, doesn’t need a man. Really. She changes her own oil. The last time I spent the weekend with her, she salvaged a rather nice couch and love seat the neighbors were throwing out. She cleaned them up and realized they had no footers.

So off to Home Depot we went, bought 8 footers and when we tipped the couch over to attach them, we discovered one of the wooden braces/frame was splintered. (hence why they were tossing it.) I’ll be blessed if the girl didn’t measure the entire piece, hauls me BACK to Home Depot, find a post of the right proportions, measures it, SAWS it with a hand saw to the correct size, goes back home, gently pulls out the nails and replaced it.

Puts on footers and it’s lovely. Disgusting. My idea of ‘DIY’ is hand-washing dishes when the dishwasher isn’t working or you’re out of automatic dishwashing detergent. (Don’t put Dawn in the dishwasher. The suds were 2 feet high in the kitchen. Don’t ask me how I know.)

I take that back,  I’ve put together a few grills and have hung pictures with this… taken apart a few things. The elder male spawn doesn’t know the difference between a phillips and a flat head.

Anyway… I would suggest the food and drink are placed away from the computer and there be nothing in your mouth.

But the parental units bought me a tool kit and the hammer and measuring tape for Christmas some years back…


Yes it’s pink. Ain’t it cute?

I especially love the screw driver and bolt set. Everything a girl needs. Pliers. Tweezers. Wire cutters,  2 needle nose… flashlight. Yes that’s a measuring tape. When the kit is closed, it’s not quite a 5 x 6 – just a little bigger than my glucose kit. Fits beautifully in one’s purse. Just in case you have an emergency.

Oh… I love this…


Yes, that would be pink and purple butterflies on that hammer.


And it’s the perfect size – obviously.  Yes, I have hung pictures with it.

Don’t ask me where my parents got this. I have no clue. I’ve never seen anything like it, but I DO love it.

OH! Before I forget, that lovely silver grip isn’t just for looks or easy handling…


That would be a small phillips and 2 smaller flat heads. Great for those teeny tiny screws…

That little one MIGHT be an inch and a half long. If that.

It’s late and I’ve not had much sleep. can you tell???