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Day 9

Whoosits and Whatsis

So the question is have I ever made a post I regretted later?

Suffice to say, I’m a pretty confident individual. I’ve never regretted anything I’ve said anywhere. Certainly not here. And if I said it, I meant it. Period. I have strong opinions. I am aware that others have differing opinions and I try to be respectful and tread gently with my friends who have differing opinions. This is how I’ve managed to have friends who have different political and religious beliefs than myself.


Actually, there are subjects we tend to steer away from after initial volleys in which it is proven we have differing opinions on. Debate is not my forte.

However, once or twice in my online life, I wish I had put on the brakes and worded something differently.

Whosits-Whatzits: Wank in the garden. Feel free to skip.

Last winter, at another place I play, I was bombarded by some really ugly hate. I mean… these are some disturbed people, folks.

effing cunt

This was just the start! Isn’t that beautiful? Yes, I DID post it and mocked it (and corrected the punctuation and grammar) and to this day, it is one of my top 3 responsed – almost 100 and they are 100% positive in my favor)

However, after being harassed and pestered for some months, I was at the point, I didn’t want to open my PM box, it was this bad. And it was over the stupidest thing – something I had never discussed publicly there or anywhere.

A real person fandom-ship. One that I have dubbed ‘Whoosits-Whatzits’

For the record, I don’t ship real people. Go have fun with characters. Real People have Real Lives. This was brought to me, brought into my playground, and I would probably use excerpts for the bullying post I’ve planned to make but never got around to making.

Either way, after constant bombardment and me pretty much frustrated and telling my anon about 4 months later that we had now entered a pissing contest and the conversation was at an end, I got hit from left field with:

So! Who do you think makes up the majority of Whoositz Whutzits’s fandom? Whoositz fans or Whutzits fans?

And my answer to that is one I wish I could go back and word differently. The proper response should have been:

I don’t know.

That’s it. I do not know. I still don’t know. I could have elaborated a little bit.

I don’t know. I blocked the tag last summer. I don’t go there. it does not interest me. I don’t want to explore it.

I could have been really bitchy.

I don’t know. I blocked the tag last summer. I don’t go there. it does not interest me. I don’t want to explore it. I’m not a Whutzits fan and if I wanted to see and follow Whutzits, I’d do so. But I’m not. I’m a Whoositz fan and I don’t see why I have to be a Whutzits fan to be a fan of Whoositz’s. In fact, I not only blocked the tag, I also blocked those who post nothing but Whutzits and Whoositz Whutzits. I’m not interested.

And that should have been the proper response. End of subject. Next, please.

Sadly, I was frustrated. I was pissed off. I was tired. I was fed up. I wanted to make a point and drive that nail hard. And all that was aimed at my computer, which was being a pill on dial-up, before may we get started on the idiot(s) filling up my inbox with their insanity. And I did not say any of the above.

Instead, I tried to be funny and ended up being long-winded. (Says she of the windy lungs) and then I nailed that coffin shut by … well… illustrating my point.

lost unicorn

I didn’t tag it and it was posted very late a night, a time when that particular blog space is quiet. It should have blown under the radar.

Which it did, until someone (who I, quite frankly, have no dealings with, and she doesn’t follow me, so I’d like to know how she came across said post) took it personally and blamed, not me, but the entire Whoositz Military Battalion.

And it all went to hell.

So yeah, I wish I had reworded it. I wish I had shut everything down that night and waited until the next day. But that didn’t happen. I said it. I meant it. It’s all backwater now.


Most of the time.

For the record: I am NOT racist, nasty, or ignorant. That’s well-known and well-documented.