So earlier this week when I said that one post was the hardest to write… it’s now THIS post, because I really hate doing these sorts of things, but I’m looking at… well… yeah…

Bear with me…


I have a friend who has been out of work for 4 years. She’s done various things long and short term to make ends meet, but her savings is depleted as is her available cash. Right this minute, she has $7.00 to her name.

She got an amazing job offer, but has to be there a week from Monday. It’s 300 miles away and she won’t get paid until end of September. Needless to say, any gift of fundage would be a blessed gift and so very appreciated. She needs to cover food, gas, and a rented bed until that paycheck. We do not want her living in her car.

Please feel free to share. I think perhaps she set the bar low… but she’s a good person, albeit occasionally obnoxious, but aren’t we all?,  and I rather like her.

Thank you.