Yes I’m STILL working through this one day at a time. How are we doing? Have we survived the weekend? That was a mother, wasn’t it? After so much silence in the RA fandom, we got hit big time. And you know it’s only going to get worse. Think about it. Richard’s Red Dragon will debut Saturday, we have Pilgrimage coming up, Sleepwalker, Urban and he’s now shooting the medical biography and he’s got other things that we KNOW about… this one in Vancouver came out of left field – he pulled a surprising one on us, sneaky cheek!


Here we go…


Day 8 – Which post was the most difficult to write?

Folks… look. I’m normally laid back, tongue-in-cheek, easy going, try to find the humor in things kind of person. This is my garden. Weeds don’t linger long (although I’m warning you now about next week’s post. It will be behind the read more with a wank warning.) I would hope there is a lot of smiling and giggling going on. Even when I rant.

But last summer was a really rough time for not only me – my parents had been in a horrific car accident and my dad spent some time in ICU – but for my friends as well. Deaths in families, divorces, job hunts, just… it was NOT the summer of love. And while many people would like to think I don’t have a compassionate, caring bone in my body, that’s not quite true. And I have all of these friends who needed hugs and they’re all in cyber space. So I decided to hug them.

But I wanted it to be a meaningful hug. And it’s hard to hug a bunch of people who are separated by thousands of miles and oceans and other continents and language and battling various things. It was hard.

but I hugged you all.

Whether you wanted it or needed it or not. nodnod