I received an early morning call, 36 hours after my last big adventure, asking if I was up to doing it again. (on the coast, different destination)

I said yes and no. Yes, I’m interested in talking, and no I can’t afford it.

There was screaming. I don’t know if it was my body or my little buddy navigator.  So, who knows.

Okay on that!

AND NOW! (drumroll) It is time for (blaring of trumpets)


As I stated last week, I’m skipping #6 because I’m a hit-n-run blogger. I hit, there may or may not be responses and on we go. I suspect half of my entrees have NO responses. That doesn’t bother me. So on to #7.

#7: *coughs, rattles paper and adjusts glasses*

What post has the most comments.

Typically, I’m doing good to get 5 to 7 comments. On occasions, I’ve gotten the even dozen. 24 seems to be popular as well. But I got 29 comments on this one and like I said I wasn’t surprised…


This would be from February of last year, when Georgia became the laughing stock of the nation, of the world, to be honest, because of our inability to handle a dusting of snow.




Obviously, we are idiots. Either way, my mother, in her infinite wisdom, sent my father to the store to buy supplies. What he came BACK with…