in the water.

I feel it in the air…

I feel it in every muscle of my body.

I am old! I can’t hid it or deny it. I’m in a great world of PAIN!

I came into a bit of extra fundage so instead of massive adventure in 15 hours, I did it in 23. I drove down the night before, TRIED to get a good night’s sleep –  I’m trying to figure out HOW my 33.00 room became 48.00!!

And it wasn’t even a restful night’s sleep! Normally, I’m in the inner courtyard, which believe it or not, becomes amazingly quiet at 10 PM when the pool closes. Instead, they put me on the outside… in the back and there were no less than 3 parties going on until midnight.

Adventures went well. Both have pros and cons. But beggars can’t be choosers. And somewhere between Adventure 1 and Adventure 2, I lost my lipstick. I really like this color, but it’s Avon and they don’t make it anymore. I’m very upset.

Adventures were 7 miles apart. Adventure 1 would feed Adventure 2.

I’m swollen. My son unloaded the car for me, because walking was a chore.

And GUESS who got a hold of my cellphone and took selfies???


I am moving my laptop and things to the bed and going to watch a movie. Prop up my feet.

Oh. Gary/Nemo 7 is off to the beta. RD going up at DF shortly.