My Twitter hath gone berserk! I took a snarky stab at EL James (she of the 50 Shades of Shit fame, whose 1st book I’m using muck-wadders to get through!) on Twitter at her AskElJames event yesterday and all of a sudden, I have fans. Not lots, as the event is pretty much over and I hear she’s blocking people left and right (Her right index finger probably got a serious workout) but a few.

At noon yesterday, I gave up on the internet connection here and took my wide bahootie and my orange index cards with all the pertinent information to the new library and managed to make 17 completed inquiries and sent 15 follow up emails nicely informing people they want to talk to me in 6 hours! I’m heading back to finish up with the other 13 that were still up as of yesterday afternoon.

I hope to write the rest of the week!

And for those who missed it, while there, I received an email from a desirable telling me – hear you’re going to be in my neck of the woods (around the corner) on Monday. Let’s chat! So my trip will be longer, but it’s all good. One of these HAS to hit. HAS TO!

Anyhoooooo… it is time for the next Blogging Confession! Tah Dah!!!


#5 – What post has the most views? 

With a little bit of help and a lot of digging through the features and what not, I finally figured it out. I was surprised, to be honest.

A) I didn’t know I had that many people were skimming through my rather quiet silliness here. This is my quiet spot, my place away from the masses. I’ve not seen any mention of my WP in places I travel and no one has told me – your WP has been found and is being dissected – in places I DON”T travel. That could change, I hope not. knock on wood.

B) It’s something that is rather silly and it was me poking at something. (As opposed to being poked WITH something, which could also be nice, but I digress)

See, I thought it would be THIS:

I think when this is over, that one might be the one that had the most responses. If not, it’s up there. but it’s NOT the one that has had the most views…. it’s this little sweetie…

Which I find perplexing tbh. Of the 3 responses, 2 were pingbacks… I dunno…

note: I will be skipping #6. I’m apparently a hit n miss blogger. It goes up, there’s a little chatter, we move on.

Off to the showers and then the library!!!