It looks as if we’re adventuring back down to the coast on Monday! Due to money woes (lack of it) looks like I’m going to attempt to make this a day trip.

Leave at 5 AM have adventure. Come back. No beach. Home by 6 PM.

Hey! Want to go on an adventure. Close to the beach.

under the pillow 2ano. No beach. No. You tried to drown me last time. 

Not going to the beach. Day trip. Early rising.

under the pillow 2

I hate getting up in the morning before the crack of noon. 

Me too. Sleeping in would be my superpower if it wasn’t for my arch-nemesis – Needing to pee! But it will just be the one shot. Down and back. I’m putting some audio books on CD… making up some new CDs…. no Elf music… can’t that early in the morning.

close up

No Elf music?