4. What is your favorite post? 

You know, this was really hard. Even when I rant, I attempt to instill humor into the situation. I know no one really reads them, but I like the Zee Reads – keeps me grounded in my reading. (This month folks, I’m telling you is pretty abysmal.) And I’m probably boring y’all with that ponderous list anyway.

But as I was digging through things, I’ve realized that there is a little series that has brought some sunshine to a series of events that are really depressing me at this point. That would be Adventures with POP!Thorin.  I really wish y’all could see him Shakin’ his Groove Thang on the dash when I pop the KC and the Sunshine band CD in…

close up

You swore you would never tell! 

Your check to reimburse me for your pay per views on that one trip bounced.

What? I can fix that now.  I have white gems… 

I NEED AMERICAN CURRENCY! My doctor won’t accept white gems. Only green-

I have emeralds…









And I’m not shaking my groooooove thing, what is my grooove thing, anyway, on your dash! You like to travel when it’s extremely hot and the dash has come close to melting the soles of my boots!


and just because I’m in a good mood…


Look closely people. He’s wearing black briefs… with black socks. Nothing says Hawt and Sexy like standing and taking a selfie wearing nothing but black underwear and black socks.