We went on an adventure today!

close up

There is stuff in my boots! it’s not nice! 

Anyway, we left early this morning. The temps were 75.

And then we headed south… and soon…


Zee? We have a problem! 

Hmmmmm… we might have a problem…


and pretty soon it did this…


by the time we reached our destination, it was 112.

We’re havin’ a heat waaaaaaaaave… a tropical heat waaaaaaaaaaave…

stop that.

Can I PLEASE get off the dash? 

I think we can arrange that!

Either way, after the having adventures where I’d like to smack certain people – I should write a book, y’all would be floored – this one was really nice. Went for over an hour.  Not my ideal perfect what I would really really PREFER to do, but enough to keep me and others entertained.

And other perks.


HEY! Did I thank you for the Def Leppard??? THANK YOU! 

Anyhoo since we were adventuring so close to the beach and it was hot and lovely, we (that would include Spawn) decided to go to the beach.

I forgot that this beach isn’t hardpacked like my normal beach which is south about 60 miles, as the crow flies. but it was still lovely.


Well, for MOST of us it was lovely…



It’s a beach, Thorin. Sand.



i’m not impressed. 


I don’t like it. There are no shiny things. 


Where did this water come from? It wasn’t here a moment ago. Dear Mahal! It’s up to my … never mind what it’s up to, but it’s up to it!

Ooops. Tide is coming in.


That bubble is not mine! 

Suuuuuuuuuuuure. That’s what they all say! I thought dwarves owned up to their farts…


AAAAAACK! It knocked me over! 

Geez! You are such a Grumpy Gus!

No. I’m King Under the… Great Mahal! What is that??? 


It’s the Lonely Mountain!!!! 


And it has a moat! 

Oh geeez….



I found the secret entrance! Do ya think the dragon is still in there? 


oh craptastic! I don’t have the key! Bilbo has it! 


Anyway, the tide was coming in and within minutes the secret entrance was under water and the sandbar we were out on became… well the ankle deep water we splashed through to get to the ocean became thigh high deep and Spawn and I both became soaked up to our… well our bits.

And HE was unhappy because his bits were wet.


What are you doing?


Next time ‘we’ go to the beach, I’m staying right here in the lifeguard chair and I will do life-guardy things! 

Dude, and what happens if someone gets in trouble in the water?

I will yell and call 911! 

Anyway, in all the excitement, I forgot to eat lunch and we had sand up to our thighs and wet clothing up around the waist area and He was grumpy and we didn’t leave the island until 8 PM.

And we were wet and covered in sand and looking at a 6 hour drive – so driving until 2 AM in wet clothes with sand in our… bits.

I STILL HAVE SAND IN MY BOOTS! Geez, it’s in my fur and my hair and my braids… it better not rust my sword! Someone is going to pay to dry clean my vest and it is not going to be me! 

So rather than drive back wet and sandy and Mr Grumplestilskin

ARGH! My smalls are shrinking! 


We are ensconced in our favorite cheap motel. Due to the distance and the knowledge that I would NEED to do the beach, we packed for a possible overnight stay! Sadly, we have noisy neighbors tonight…. we MIGHT get sleep. I hope.