I tried to do this this morning before we left and it just didn’t happen. I was offered a free 20 day trial of Avast Pro Safe and I figure what the hell, sure…. and the damn thing thinks my Chrome is a Virus!!!! I ended up completely taking it off and going back to the low grade freebie. What a pain!

Anyway! Day 3!


#3 What is your usual Blogging process? 

You know, to be honest, I’m not sure I have one! I’ve always been a shoot from the hip sort of person.  If something catches my eye, my fancy, my ire, and I want to talk about it, (rant about it) well there ya go! I like Richard, so there are a lot of Richard pictures here. I don’t reblog him or post a lot of what’s he doing, etc… a lot of people already do that so I figure I’m beating the monkey…

or spanking the monkey…


Btw, I took Thorin to the beach today….

close up

I have a snake in mah boot! 

No honey. You have sand in your boot.

And it’s squishy. 

Probably water too.

Escapade to follow.