Aw look how cute! I’m starting to day-name my posts. This doesn’t bode well.

1. Spent 20 minutes at another social media spot and have been over-whelmed by the rampant mispelling of ‘aw’. It is NOT ‘Awe’ people! Awe is what we owe the Tooth Fairy. Not what we say when we see newborn goats and kittens!

2. Why is it I have HUGE segments of writing sitting so pretty in my head, (Gary’s non-take-down of Laurel, kitchen table sex – NOT Laurel, major crisis, MAJOR MASSIVE crisis, Edward Cripsin’s (soul-Guy) 17 year old son, (not soul Guy) bantering too glibly with a monarch, son putting an over-zealous wannabe regent in his place, Ghost Guy taking some serious retribution on said wannabe regent and terrifying said monarch, Angry 21st century Guy justifiably angry at Genevieve, I mean really angry, 21st century Guy standing at the foot of Gen’s hospital bed, just whopping amounts of writing and yet not a damn word is willing to go on electronic paper???

3. I believe I’ve angered a few readers with the chapter 6 cliffie. Not my fault they have short-term memories. I told them over and over and over, this is NOT Wife Swap Middle Earth! Eomer is not a cad or a user. Wudurose has her head on her shoulders. If we didn’t date the vast majority of people date before they marry. Many actually fall deeply in love with those they didn’t marry, and still manage to move on to lead emotionally, beautiful lives, WITH OTHER PEOPLE, content with the memories of the previous lover! Sheesh! LOL!

4. Trying to figure out how on earth I’m supposed to figure out which post I’ve made at the most views and the most responses….

5. Operation Messy recover (ebooks) is very messy. The lone external I was able to use strictly for books, has only 70G left on it. The external is only 350G and I’m looking at a disabled ACTUAL book external with 1.7T of books I can’t access and don’t have the couple of hundred dollars to repair or retrieve. I’m realizing a LOT of my favorite books I can’t recover, so as much as I hate it, I’m thinking retrieving my w2’s (no I haven’t filed taxes for this year or last year. I don’t owe them, they owe me and I look at this as my rainy day cash cow.) and going down to the IRS to Moo. Mama needs a new compie and I need to retrieve that external.

6. Useless and pointless adventuring is expensive and wasteful.

from afar

You have me! 

You’re expensive.

I paid you for the war-films! Can I PLEASE come out of the corner now? 

You are King of the Time-Out Corner.

6B. Some of the people I’ve met during my extensive adventuring have been absolute assholes. Really. I have no idea how they got where they are.

(no really there are two in particular that just took the cake. Stamp the words ‘effing unprofessional‘ across their foreheads, please.)

from afar

The second one was bad! Zee didn’t say a word when she got in the car and remained quiet for 10 miles until we got to the interstate before she started cursing! I took notes! It would have curled Gloin’s hair! 

7. Niece has gone to Texas for 6 weeks. It will be a quiet summer.

from afar

I will do my best to step up to the plate, if I could get out of the corner, PLEASE? 


8. The silver in my hair is strong today.

9. EDIT: It is the 16th of June and I’ve completed ONE book. ONE! I have 3 I’m working on, but I need finish and it’s just not…. meh.

I need some Topless Tuesday to go with my tidbits.





Happy Tuesday