come up with deep thoughts and somehow respectfully respond to Richard’s latest essay on cyber-bullying, and coming up woefully short. Not that I don’t have deep thoughts, I do, but every time I try to put something to the page, it ends up uber wanky, political, preachy, or someone takes it the wrong way and I piss people off. Not that I care if I piss people off; someone told me last weekend I was pig-headed.

I prefer the term – stubborn.

They called me a lot of OTHER names, but we won’t go there. It’s the same-old, same-old and they still can’t tell me WHY they think I’m that way. But I digress… as usual.

And others have addressed it beautifully already. Some I’ve agreed with, some I understand the p.o.v…. I had a lovely back and forth yesterday on Twitter about standing up to bullies and why I don’t use my real name.

While I understand why Richard (and many others, including myself) would prefer to see real names and real faces, there are many reasons why many of us don’t.

a) Some of us JEALOUSLY guard our off-line, professional, and personal lives. *raises hand* 

b) some of us are hiding from vindictive people – say previous cyber bullies *raised hand* and insane, abusive exes. *raises hand again*

c) some of us work in a field where our social media, what we say, do, or how we play, is constantly scrutinized. *hand goes through the ceiling* As recently as yesterday, there was a post on a mom forum I’m on where the OP posted she had seen her son’s teacher tending the bar at the restaurant the previous evening and was so upset, she had decided to call the school board and report her to have her fired. I don’t believe any of the 278 posts that were posted by the time I got there to give her my 2 cents worth, supported her in any way. There are other similar stories.

Although I would like a clear cut definition of the difference between bullying and standing up for oneself and/or standing your ground. Actually, I know what I think the difference is and I honestly don’t think that when someone comes to me anonymously and says something unnecessary and nasty, that me telling them to look in the mirror is me bullying and it’s certainly not them ‘giving me constructive criticism’.

I’ve also heard that Richard is ‘looking forward to our responses and discussions’…

Where is this great forum taking place and what social media is he watching? It if’s Twitter… that would be a painful place…

Anyway, when I get this way, I tend to bake. So here you go.  I have been baking. I believe I’ve mentioned this particular delicacy that I’m well-known for before. I give you…

Kitty Litter Cake.



SSPX0034You know you want some of that!

I think I shall invite the masses.