Hallooo and welcome to challenge 2!


#2 – what is the significance of your blog’s name?

This isn’t a special name… it’s my name. well it’s not MY REAL name, obviously – that is a closely well-guarded secret! And trust me, Zee is easier to pronounce!

When I first started hanging on the net, I discovered my students were finding me very easily – well ONE found me Β and it exploded to the point, I couldn’t get online and check my mail, much less anything else. (This would be the days of AOL and AOL IM. I couldn’t turn off certain people, it was all or nothing and my bestie from middle school, who I talked to every single Friday until the wee hours of the morning – or we TRIED to. I’m sure somewhere I’ve already recounted the story of trying to chat with her and having 15 to 20 IMs going off from my kids. And she and I came up with a rather rude-sounding new nick.

Which I was fine with for some years.

Several things happened around the same time that caused me to want to alter it slightly in some way – Someone on a forum that I didn’t get along with (actually, FEW get along with him and he was known to pick fights, so it became a standing joke for everyone to sit back with beer and cheesy poofs to see how someone was going to take him down verbally – and I DO believe I was the LAST to take him down. I’ve not seen hide nor hair of him since) insinuated that my nick had something to do with something that it had NOTHING to do with. Β (He insinuated that it had something to do with my rampant sex life wherein a certain part of my anatomy oozed due to overuse. I informed him that just because I was getting more sex than he, was no need to be nasty and no, the part of my anatomy it referred to was due to a chronic sinus problem I was having at the time!

I then gave him a crash course on how to be a Dom, since he thinks he is one. Not. Hardly.

ANYWAY, I digress.

Between that and the fact that I was kicked off a very well-perused fanfiction site due to excessive lemons (they, at the time, had a thing against adult fic. *points to self* Hello? I am an adult! Duh!) and a few OTHER niggling things, well… I realized about I needed something less… conspicuous. At the time, the muse was speaking a lot (that would be Hal-Muse. There are now 5 of the little buggers permanently residing in my head. Granted two – HalMuse and SnapeBaby – aren’t heard from often for reasons, but there are 5. HalMuse, SnapeBaby, GamlingMan, Eekor and HDHD. At times of amazing outpourings of creativity, sleep is welcome, as is silence.) And Zee’s Muse kinda evolved.

I knew that a large portion of this blog would be dedicated to Richard. Β As I stated in #1, I wanted a more… refined (well as refined as I can get) place where two way drama didn’t exist (meaning no politics.) Now, I’m going to rant and that’s my right to rant. And I warn about upcoming rants and I’m seeing the Read More tag and I’m thinking I’m going to start taking advantage most likely, HOWEVER I’ve openly been perving over British men since I was a teenager, actually longer. My first crush at the tender age of 8 was Davy Jones… and it was bad in High school when I was BADLY perving over a British Soccer player playing for our local team AND as I knew I was going to be perving here, well, I might as well advertise it.

Zee’s Muse. Proudly perving on British Men for over 35 years.

WELL over 35 years.

And of course, we now have the obligatory picture of Richard. Four Reasons Richard fans are gnawing at the bit…



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and LAST for your viewing pleasure, I present 21st century 3rd season Guy…