I do, I do!

First off, I am NOT size-shaming! So don’t  go there.

Rant on!

Why can’t books give us a realistic cover???


bbw shifter vamp

It’s billed as a shifter – no problems there. It’s also billed as a vampire paranormal… ooookay…. I can spring for that.

But it’s ALSO billed as a BBW.  And that’s where I’m having problems! And it’s ticking me off because it’s happening a lot!

For those unaware of BBW – it means ‘big beautiful woman’. This means ‘Rubenesque’, NOT a size 2, has some bodacious curves. I, myself, am a BBBW – a Bold, Bodacious, Beautiful woman!

But LOOK AT HER!!!! if you’re going to label a book BBW, by God I want to see some curves on that woman. And more than one chin!

And like I said, i’m seeing this LOTS and LOTS!!! It’s a frickin’ epidemic! In fact, right now almost every single book I’m seeing listed as a ‘BBW’ romance – the female on the cover is damn near anorexic!

And ALL BBW’s are either shifter, D/s, or bikers! So only shifters, Doms and Bikers prefer a BBW woman? really?


I swear the world is going to hell in an hand basket!