I still want to know why books labeled BBW or Rubenesque use NORMAL or emancipated models on their covers…

bbw 7

And almost every single one of them are labeled ‘erotic’…

Are all BBW women kinky? Granted, I am a BBBW woman and I can be referred to as ‘kinky’ but there are times we like vanilla sex – I mean you can’t swing from the chandelier or rafters ALL the time! Right? And sometimes the backside is just a little bit sensitive!

Can’t we just cuddle?

And I would like to add that not only to Shifters,

bbw 1

bbw 4

Doms ,

bbw 3

and bad Biker boys

bbw 6

like BBW’s.

So do billionaires

bbw 9

Look at here! there is NO way that model is BBW!!! Not on your life!

bbw 5

bbw 2

Same there! I am feeling very dissed! There is too much bone definition to be considered RUBENESQUE!

Oh! And before I forget!

And multiple partners.

bbw 8

I guess we’re supposed to be grateful?

*looks again*

I don’t see a single Rubenesque woman in that bunch!

Did you know a size 12 woman is considered ‘plus size’?????  No wonder we have body issues!

This is really yanking my chain. can you tell???