You know, I’ve always been up for a challenge. Usually. Or I used to be. Thing is I do get behind at times… I’m behind on my 100 day Photo meme at FB… behind on the new 31 Day RA challenge…. I’ve been busy.

(please see the Adventures. I’m still hearing whining about ‘Elf Music’ and –


from afar

Yeah yeah you keep telling me that. I need a check in AMERICAN CURRENCY! No mithril or white gems.

The White Gems are nice! 

from afar

Yes they are but I don’t want any Elves on my doorsteps! Elk poop is wretched to clean off the concrete and I don’t want to step in it in the yard!

from afar

Do I hafta stay here in the corner??? I don’t like it over here!!! 



The Challenge… because those words are like a red flag to me and I’m the bull…

blog-intro-challengeSee: here’s the REAL problem…

I…uhm… have quite a few blogs. Maybe NOT blogs per se, but between the tumblr and fb and an abandoned MySpace (I can’t remember the password)

Then again, perhaps THIS is really my only blog. Although I’m sure I’ll reference my tumblr in this as well at times… *looks again at the list* oh yeah definitely refer to my tumblr at least once….

let’s see…. We’ll try to do this on Wednesdays, I suppose….

#1: What made you start blogging?

That’s really a loaded question…

I have a Livejournal that is largely abandoned – mostly due to the Russians that took over a few years ago and were QUITE difficult….they don’t understand ‘Free Speech’… but that’s a long, long story. Anyway MOST of my friends there moved to FB…. so did my family, come to think of it.  So I moved to FB…

My FB has a billion filters. Really. Family only, Gamers only, friends who love my devotion to certain celebrities only, a political filter…. And until recently, you were limited to how much you could write or respond. And it’s not REALLY a blog. I have a ‘rule’ that I largely enforce regarding language because of the YES underaged followers I have! (We’re like… family soooooo….) and several members of my family are or were ordained ministers…

I find myself sometimes forgetting about filters… and then my mom comes down that hall – and I get the full name treatment – asking What on Earth did I mean by THAT???? After all these years, the woman should KNOW how important reading and books and music are to me. Much more important than making my bed.

I have several ‘friends’ I wish would unfriend me. I think it’s a contest to see who can put up with the most crap. I make it a point NOT to unfriend people because they tend to think the wrong reason WHY I unfollowed them if I did so.

No, I didn’t unfollow you because of blankity blank blank blankity… I unfollowed you because you’re an absolute moron with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Oh and you’re a waste of oxygen!

Yes, I said that to someone just before I DID unfriend her. She had taken to posting things on MY wall that she knew I would find offense.

Twitter forces me to limit my characters. People! Please! I am She of the Windy Lungs.

And Twitter is probably ‘my mean place’ (Humorous to say, now that Richard is the official ambassador of a happy no-bully-group – but I don’t bully. I just spout the truth in my own space.)

I got the Tumblr to follow Karl Urban stuff easier.


Tumblr then made it VERY easy to feed my ever growing Richard Armitage addiction.


But I think, as we are all aware, that with Tumblr comes…


you saw nothing

Well, let’s just say I discovered that according to MOST Tumblrs, I am an old fuddy duddy and fogey who should have been put out to pasture a long, LONG time ago.


Not to mention I have people who follow me that follow me for unkind reasons.


And I’m not going to apologize for that. God forbid you should speak your mind and it’s not the popular mindset.  And say what they want and post and reblog what they want but the truth is everyone is judging everyone else.

But back to the question at hand. I was looking for a place where I could blog/talk/share… and not really be burdened about what my family thinks. I wanted to talk books and music and of course, Richard and other hotties…


and truth be told, NOT be bogged down with POLITICS (or shipping) because while I’m willing to share ideas for about… oh…. FIVE minutes, my debating skills are nil, and I’m not going to change my mind and I don’t expect anyone to change THEIR mind. Can we all just agree to disagree and respect each other and move on to things we ALL like? Like…


I tend to get shrill after a short time and I don’t like the grumpy, old… Conservative that I become when someone is pestering me. And in all honesty, I have a place to go and be political with other like-minded grumpy old Conservatives and discuss very deep thoughts! Granted I’m one of the few old broads allowed in that hallowed, smoke-filled men’s club, but they like me well enough and I like them! (And contrary to popular belief, these men, who I adore, treat their women like goddesses. Makes me want one of those men for my own, sometimes.)

But I’m rambling. And that’s another reason why I wanted A Blog. So I can ramble and if you don’t like it, fine.


And I like to illustrate. Obviously.

from afar

And you talk too much! 

I see someone NEVER coming off the night stand!

Anyway, I wanted a place where I could come and converse and share and NOT be political and rant and be hormonal on occasion and not worry so much about my language and it didn’t matter if I had no one following me or a few.  Also, as a few of you know, I, at times, have a deep need to slap a bitch across the room.

A few of my friends and people I follow had Word Press Blogs and after awhile, I decided that THIS would be a place to hang my hat for a while. I initially didn’t know WHAT I was going to do with it, but I’m figuring it out. And of ALL the places where I’ve been known to prop up my feet, this place is probably the one where I can say,

This is me. This is who I am. I”m not here for anyone else’s pleasure, just my own. This is what I like. This is what I don’t. And this is what I think… as long as we’re not thinking politics.

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This is probably where I’d put a link to Little Big Town’s –

from afar


Down in the Boondocks…