ma[ 2You have a map up. 

Yes, Thorin. I do.


A big map. 

I have several places I’m mapping out.

map 5

Not a day trip? 

Nope. 2 days. Busy busy! Several stops.

map 5


I’ve been banging on doors. It’s paying off. I hope.

Me too. You miss your books. And your piano and music.

And Kitties.


I don’t like cats. 

Get over it. They were here first.



Lots of directions. 

Other side too.

Sigh. I suppose I’ll be left here to guard the premises. Make sure my evil twin doesn’t take over. 

No. I need a navigator. Someone to tell me when to turn left and right.



Thorin! I can’t read and drive at the same time! I need a co-pilot to read me the directions! And don’t start with the driving bit. You can’t see over the doorstep, much less over the dash and reach the pedals at the same time!


You are short-shaming me. 

No, I’m telling the truth! Of course, if you don’t want to go, maybe Thorout will-

Yesyesyes, I want to go! Just… please, no elf music.

Sigh. What is it with you and classical music?

Is that what you call it? It’s elf music. Classical Elf Music. meh.

Thorin! I am old! I can no longer listen to Metalicca and Mudvayne for hours on end!



In short bursts. Maybe I can put some of my audio books on cd and we can listen on the way.

Fine. Anything but elf music. 

Hamlet. Shakespeare. The reader is VERY good. Very sexy. Sounds like you. Got screwed by the Audie Awards, but I think he’s awesome.

Just no elf music. 


Two day adventure. Several hundred miles. Couple of stops. Just me and the Dwarf.

Pray for us.

HEY! I heard that!