1 more to go.

Have found tomorrow morning’s destination, found CHEAP CHEAP (like .30 cheaper on the gallon) gas around the corner and so far, so good. My navigator was awesome! He reads my maps better than his own!


I was forced to listen to disco and sappy love ballads from the 1970’s for 90 minutes!

It was the only radio station I could pick up through those back roads. Sorry. Besides, I LIKE KC and the Sunshine Band! Saw him live at Disney World at Grad Night in 1979. he played the front of Cinderella’s Castle. Dang. I went to DISNEY WORLD in dress and heels (dress code) all NIGHT long that night… sheesh!

could not get neeeeeeeeeeear Peaches and Herb…

Anyway, we’ve arrived, the AC is on, I’m ready to hit a NICE, reasonably priced eatery – NOT FAST FOOD! – in about 10 minutes. And then off with the make up and the shoes!

I do believe however that it is a good thing that I BROUGHT my own pillow!!!


all ready for becd

Why are you complaining about the pillows? I’m good. You go eat. I’ll stay right here. Make sure your spot is nice and cozy! 

You are incorrigible. Oh great, He’s already commandeered the remote. Males!

hairy dwarven babes

Oooooh look! They have Hot Hairy Dwarven Babes! I’ve been wanting to see this!!! 


NO Pay for views!

I better not come back to little wet spots in the bed.