We all know by now, I completely screwed up my books external and my computer decided to do a grand wipe before I could retrieve stuff from it…

So the plan is

1) Take the book external to Tyger and see if they can rehook/fix it. I plug it up, it turns on, things whir. Computer either scratches its head OR tells me it’s there but it’s unplugged. I’m praying they can reconnect whatever and if they can’t at least get it to a point where the computer will at least acknowledge it. If they can get ole Gizzy to acknowledge the external, I have Stellar which will pull pretty much everything off it. I’ll buy another 2T external and move over nad burn while I go. Yes, that is a LOT of CDs. If it won’t acknowledge, we’ll try the freezer trick. It’s worked before.

1a) In the meantime, Operation Fracking Rescue has begun. This isn’t pretty. At all. What a mess. This might take a while. Months. A LOT of what I’m hunting is not retrievable.

1b) I have consoled myself with the freebies at ARE/Omni lit. And reading more Masters and Mercenaries. I’ve looked at this month’s reading list and I must say, with the exception of Red Dragon, the vast majority of my reading pleasure this month have been shorts to novellas.

As you know, I don’t care for slash, but this caught my eye…

Rainbow Detectice

In this third book in The Rainbow Detective series, Proctor and Blair take on a case that involves blackmail, kidnapping, and a handsome young guy with two perfect penises. The guy with two penises is a public personality, and the wealthy client who hires Blair and Proctor is willing to pay a huge sum of money to keep the guy’s two penises a secret.
As fascinated as Blair and Proctor are with the guy who has two penises, there are dangerous, unexpected twists in this case that put them in grave danger. And the fact that they are in love with each other doesn’t make working together any easier. It’s the kind of peculiar double penis case that will not only test their love, but also test whether or not they can continue working together.
Will Blair be able to grow up and meet Proctor’s professional expectations? And will Proctor ever be able to get the guy with two perfect penises out of his head?

It’s free and the link is here:


I didn’t send you, k???

1c) Good news, the vast majority of my year challenge books were backed up elsewhere so I could load them on my handheld Kindle. I don’t have to hunt them. yay!

2) on the 2nd (or 3rd) when I get paid, IF I have the fundage – which I SHOULD – to purchase a new computer. I have one picked out. I’ve seen it several times over the past few months at Tyger and I was assured 3 weeks ago that it was a regularly stocked item – an HP with 8G ram, 1T hard drive and Windows 7, for a relatively nice price. So long as the graphics card has more bite than this one, I’m good to go. I’ll be BROKE until I file taxes, but that’s summer for you.

But I”m in a quandary… All of my books are in my PC Kindle – ‘archived’ – meaning NOT DOWNLOADED. Remember these books???

kindle may 1st

I had 117 ‘folders’ that had these bad boys separated by genre. It’s quite anal, to be honest. My quandary is this…

My slightly mild OCD personality says I MUST reenter all 117 folders (alphabetical order) plus the 4 or 5 I want to add – and download and separate the books into them, like I was in the process of doing here. This is something that take months. As you can see, I was only a little over half done according to the screen cap, and I had been working on THAT since December, when I had this computer worked on then.

However, my pragmatic (don’t laugh, I do have one) and common sense (really do NOT laugh!) self is saying – forget this. Wait until you get your new computer. Just download the ones you’re currently reading.

To which my OCD side says – something could happen and that ‘new computer’ won’t be purchased in June… maybe July… or not… sooooo….

I hate the voices in my head sometimes. I’m going to go play with Gary. He’s loads of fun…

Richard porn 1