Really! You NEED a tied up Guy in your life!!!

Guylty Pleasure

Welcome to the RAPS for Charity auction in aid of Nepal Earthquake Relief! Here is your chance to get your hands on a RA pocket shrine, the indispensable mobile droolingogling fangirling aid that should not miss in any handbag. 58 RAPSettes (RAPS owners) all over the world so far are enjoying the comfort of mobile Richarding. Your bid on this exclusive bound-for-pleasure Pirate!Guy could enhance your happiness – not least because you could be contributing to a worth-while cause in return for a one-of-a-kind, rare collectors’ item:


This is a mixed media piece of fan art, contained in a small, hinged mint tin with rounded corners, dimensions 68mm (2.5″) length x 41mm (2″) width x 15mm (1/2″) depth. Includes two mini candles (gold) and holders. You can see it in more detail in my past post here.

If you would like to bid on this item, this is…

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